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Kamil Szybinski - Sincere thanks 19-march-2003

Click !

Dear All,
God bless you.
Please be with us.
Click on a picture!

--Parents. (www.kamil.info)
Kamil, see you after 14-march-2003

Kliknij !Son.
We loved you so much, just as we love your brother. We have been lucky to have two wonderful sons. Now A is here with us on earth, but you are somewhere far away. You, and your brother, as all young people do, made mistakes. But I am sure of this Kamil, that you did not harm anyone. They did harm to you, however, and after your death on earth struck you with a blow below the belt. I deeply believe that this too you will forgive them, as you did forgive others on many occasions, though then it was about small things. But even in forgiveness one needs to know whom to forgive, as well as what happened. You know that, but we are still guessing. And we promise you that we won't rest until we come close to the truth. We know that we can count on your friends and many people of good will and big hearts to help us. As your parents we respected your individuality. Yes, we decided that you were to be born in Chicago. And we decided that since early childhood you should treat other people and the whole world around you with sincerity. And that to get to know them, you needed to learn their languages and customs. Because of us, you were bitten by a travel bug. Your words were; Dad, without me, you would have been lost in all these travels; I will always stay with us. But beyond that, you made your own decisions. Decisions about learning foreign languages, and reading tons of books late into the night. In our family it was you who loved sports most, and that love resulted in professionalism. You tried to finish everything you started. Last time you did not succeed. But that was only once, and what a shame that this was last time on this earth. I believe that through your example, you convinced many people that your way was not meaningless, and perhaps some will follow in your footsteps and reach even further.

Rest in peace and do not forget about us.
Please forgive us our mistakes, too.

Kameo invites you to his gallery. Click on a picture!

Farewell to Kameo-Snoopy-Kleik 10-march-2003

He was only 19 Kamil Pawel Szybinski

Student at Marymount College in USA. He loved the world and the truth. One of the youngest travelers. Died a tragic death on September 17, 2002 in California. A funeral mass will be celebrated at Brother A's Church in Wesola Zielona on March 14, 2002 at 1:45 p.m., followed by the funeral services at the cemetery in Marysin Wawerski.

Deeply in sorrow,
Parents, Brother, and the editorial staff.

If you plan to join us, please bring with you a votive candle.

At the same time, we would like to express our sincere thanks to our wonderful friends, Maryla and Eugeniusz Grzegrzolka, for making arrangements for The Holy Mass to be said at this beautiful place.

Many thanks to all of you who supported us and continue to support us.
May God bless you!

--KrisS. (www.kamil.info)
Announcement 25-february-2003


We would like to inform you, that in connection with the matter of investigation of the mysterious death, which took place in USA, of Kamil, Marymount College student, my son and our fellow worker of the editorial staff - in the supplement to the Gazeta Wyborcza, Large Edition, of on Thursday, February 27, 2003 - a long article, devoted to the Kamil's case will appear. Furthermore, in the Polsat TV , on Wednesday, February 26, 2003, at 6:45 PM, in the main news program - there will be an information on the Kamil's case as well.
--KrisS. (www.kamil.info)

Załoga promu Columbia

LOS ANGELES/CHICAGO - Suicide or murder? Why did he die? What happened? Show us his body. For several months these questions have been haunting Kamil Szybinski's parents and friends.

On September 17, 2002, about 10:30, while walking on the beach by the ocean, Charles Edward Mulhearn noticed a helicopter circling above the rock called Inspiration Point. When he walked towards the spot above which the helicopter was hovering, he found the body of Kamil Pawel Szybinski lying at the foot of the rock. The body of Kamil Szybinski was face up, on his backpack, on the bed-rock about 15 meters away from the 30-meter high cliff, near the ocean. 19-year old Kamil had been a student at a private college, Marymount College in Rancho Palos Verdes near Los Angeles - MORE.

--KrisS. (www.kamil.info)
Far at Chicago 12-february-2003

Click !Chicago, a magnificent city with the largest Polish community in the world. Just here at the Resurrection Hospital, Kamil Szybinski was born on March 30 1983. It is also here, that we try to engage in fundraising, which would help us to disclose the true circumstances of his death on September 17 2002, at Rancho Palos Verdes, California, in the vicinity of Marymount College, where he studied.
In Chicago, at the Trinity Church at 1118 North Noble Street, tel. (773) 489-4140, on Sunday February 16th, a Requiem Mass will be celebrated for the soul of our son, Kamil.
We would like to wholeheartedly thank Rev. Director Wladyslaw Gowin, and tell him our sincere God bless you.
Click on a picture!

Please visit the Polish Priesthood Trinity Mission of Chicago:

We show in our gallery aerial and normal photos, from between Chicago and Los Angeles.
God bless everybody, who join us in sorrow,

--The Szybinski family. (www.kamil.info)
Our Polonia 11-february-2003

CClick !Dear Friends:
I the name of the Szybinski Family and our own, we sincerely thank Mrs. Grace Wychowanska for publishing the appeal in the Nasza Polonia Portal, regarding Kamil, which was prepared by Mrs. Magdalena Kalkowska of Spoleczny Komitet Pomocy [Community Help Committee].
Please visit www.naszapolonia.com, section Mozaika Polonijna [Polish Mosaic].
Best regards.

--KrisS. (www.kamil.info)
The helping hand of Polish Americans 11-february-2003

Kamil z PapierzemFor the last few weeks the whole Polish community in the U.S. and Poles in their native country have been shocked by the tragic death of 19 years old Kamil Szybiński who died on September the 17th in California. His death was classified as a suicide by the court's
coroner. The boy's family finds impossible, without the help of Polish Americans, answering the question why such a young and intelligent human being, who had such grand designs for the future decided to take so a desperate step? It's been five months since Kamil's passing away, and his father instead of getting a response to the haunting doubts has found still new evidence contradicting the coroner's story. Mr. Krzysztof Szybiński has exhausted all the possibilities to finding out the truth through the official channels. He wasn't even allowed to identify the body of his son. Even after Kamil's death he is denied a farewell glimpse at his son. He can live with doubts, till the end of his days, as to the identity of the man whose body he'll be shipping to Poland in the casket. Polish Americans have established The Civil Committee of Help, which will be collecting funds for the humanitarian aid of Kamil's father who found himself in critical position on the American soil. Poles from around the world have joined The Committee. No one wishes to criticize the official results of post mortem conducted by the state's officials. Our goal is to find a reputable pathologist to give a second opinion, and this needs funds. We re imploring Polish Americans to find funds necessary to hire a
lawyer and to perform second independent post mortem.

Without our help the parents of the murdered boy won't ever know the truth. The number of the account:

Accnt 7750002
589 North Larchmont Blvd
Los Angeles CA 90004

Magdalena Kalkowska - gcapozza@optonline.net

--KrisS. (www.kamil.info)
Columbia 3-february-2003

Załoga promu ColumbiaJeWe are deeply moved by the tragic events that have taken place on board of the American space shuttle Columbia. Seven astronauts have
lost their lives in this disaster. We want to extend our condolences to the victims families. May God have mercy on their poor souls. We also have hope that cause of this accident will be explained in a professional manner, which would minimize the possibility of similar occurrence in the future.

NASA sites:

--KrisS. (www.kamil.info)
Rzeczpospolita 31-january-2003

Kliknij !The article below (unofficial translation) appeared in Poland's most influential daily "Rzeczpospolita" on January 28th 2003. Entitled "Suicide or Murder" the article addresses the unresolved case of the death of our friend Kamil P. Szybinski. We hereby wish to thank the editors of "Rzeczpospolita" and the article's author for having taken an interest in a matter so important for us. .


RZECZPOSPOLITA January 28th 2002, No. 23

United States: Parents from Poland try to elucidate causes of son's death. Suicide or Murder ?
By Krzysztof Darewicz, our correspondent from Washington

For five months now, the parents of Kamil Szybinski, whose body was discovered at the foot of a cliff in a Los Angeles suburb, have been trying to elucidate their son's death....More.

Read the entire article!

--KrisS i Rasta. (www.kamil.info)
"Kamil" diving in Hawaiian Waters 17-january2003

Click !Dear Internauts!
The hospitality of newly encountered friends allowed "Kamil" to venture to the Hawaiian Islands. His dream was fulfilled. Armed with AQUALUNG with picture of Kamil. Wonderfull world of the Pacific depths. Cost of the venture 100$ for series of 2 fourthy minutes dives accompanied by the instructor.
If you have the memories of your dives share with us.mi. Click on a picture!

Here are the interesting websites about the wonders of the underwater depths of the Pacific Ocean:

--KrisS. (www.kamil.info)
Christmas Eve with Kamil 24-december-2002

Klick !The beautiful Rancho Palos Verdes Peninsula is located on the south - west end of Los Angeles at Pacific Ocean shore. Splendid whisper of the Pacific Ocean basin. Magic view of the sunset. While the nature is breath taking I missed Kamil.
I felt his presence all around me, knowing that there is perpetuated link between my beloved son and me for ever. we are united in ethernity. Click on a picture!

Christmas Eve, Bethleiem 23-december-2002

Klick !Christmas is a huge holiday, for almost all, believers in Jesus Christ. There is almost no Polish family, who does not celebrate this Day of Good News. Good is born will be heard in hundreds of churches over the world.

For me and for my Family, this is special period. On one hand, enormous pain after loosing Kamil. On the other hand, it is not the end and we will meet him sometimes. We will be able to say: Our Son know that your parents, brother, and grandparents as well as the rest of the whole family, numerous friends, and hundreds of people of good will have done everything possible to show the truth of your tragedy. Good will allow all of us to carry out the issue to the end. Let the web side ``www.dookolaswiata.com" along with the Gallery of Polish Travelers will be your will, Our Beloved Son. Know one thing that we cannot forgive our self that we have spoken so little how much we love you and will love you forever.

Visit us in every possible way. We will do a lot in our and your behave. Repeat one more time after priest Twardowski ``Harry up to love people, they depart so fast." and ``We will exist above the divisions" a film made by Kamil Szybinski. We will present this film on our web side. Click on a picture!

Correspondence 22-december-2002

Klick !Kamil loved to travel. He was very fortunate and by the age of 19 he visited seventy countries on all seven continents. He was very interested in traditional cultural traditions and in slowly suppressed by the civilisation ethnic cultural treasures. He never had any difficulties in making new friends as he developed gift of communication mastering four languages: English, Polish, French and Spanish in which he was fluent. His prefered foreing language was Spanish. He collected rare snap shots. His collection consisted of aviation pictures and the precious nature. The longest of his trip is perpetuated by pictures suplemented with my own pictures to maintain this lasting tradition which united both of us. Click on a picture!

Zapraszam tez na ciekawe strony www:

--KrisS. (www.kamil.info)
Trip to Palm Springs by Sasha Sosnowski 18-november-2002

Klick !On a beautiful Monday morning Christopher and I set off to Palm Springs, California. The weather was perfect, the car was filled with gas so we got on the 405 freeway north and drove to the 10 east and about 200 miles later we were in beautiful Palm Springs. On the way there while we were still on the freeway we saw one of the things Palm Springs is famous for, it's wind mills and basic source of power throughout the county. They were amazing. So big and tall. They don't call it Palm Springs for nothing. It was full of Palm tree's and plants. As Chris said "it was the land of the gardens". We ate at a great restaurant in the nice town of La Quinta about 10 miles away from Palm Sprigs. Another attraction we saw was the famous "Palm Springs Air Museum". The museum focuses on World War II and the planes flown through the war. We had a great time. Click on a picture!


We invite you to the gallery of Palm Springs, and recommend interesting web sides:

Thanks 30-october-2002

Dear Gaweda Family:

In our tragedy that happened to us, every move of the hart that allows us to outlast is greatly appreciated. Particularly, in addition to the loss our son, we have encountered humiliation in this Great Country. We thank you for your words and actions, which will help us to bring Kamil do Polski as well as explain the circumstances and causes of this tragedy.

Mariola, Agnieszka, Andrzej i Krzysztof, let the Guard Angel protect your children. Thank you.

Be with us Elizabeth, Christopher, and Kameo- www.kameo.w.pl

Hoover's Dam - K. Szybinski 30-october-2002

Klick !Gigantic construction in Nevada belongs to World Wonders. It is not Las Vegas. It is Hoover's Dam. It is located on the Nevada and Arizona border. Its size is huge. It was built in 1931 to 1936. So far it was not bitten in its class in spite changes in technology. Water reservoir is 200 mils long. It takes water from Colorado River. It is impossible to describe the might of this construction, which inclines to reflection. Click on a picture!

We invite you to the gallery of Hoover Dam, and recommend interesting web sides:

Soon we will invite you for a Pumpkin Holiday in Los Angeles. We have also plans for a sky trip to a certain town in California and for October Festival.
Be with us for good and bad.

Rancho Palos Verdes and Kamil Szybinski 26-october-2002

Klick !Rancho Palos Verdes is a small town and has a wonderful location on the Pacific. Here Kameo has taken his last pictures in his life. In the South of Los Angele, there is a highway nr. 10. And here on its
>> end, this small town is located on hills. There is here a huge container port and Marymount College with wonderfull location. At a distance of 4.5 miles on the Pacific cost, there is Inspiration Point.

This is the last Kameo's road. He left his web side www.kameo.w.pl. We will write more about Kameo soon. In our gallery, we have added our pictures to Kameo's ones. For the first time in my life, I have not pressed the camera batton with a pleasure.
Click on a picture!

I invite you also to watch other intesesting web sides:

Thanks 25-october-2002

Kliknij !I'd like to express my deepest appreaciation, in behaveour family, out community in Wesola Zielona, for help i support. The attitude of young
people was esspecially moving, who organized and took part in the holy mass for Kamil's soul in our St. A Church in Zielona.

Our thanks also go to you for your support in our effort of bringing Kamil to Poland to bury him in Marysin Wawerski cemetary. The attitude of
Ms. Teresa Bombik and Ms. Halina Jakubczk allows us to believe that we are serrunded by very sensitive people with open harts.
God Bless you!


Dear Friends,
We would like to ask for your assistance in reconstructing the last moments of the life of our beloved Son Kamil. Please share with us all the information you have in your memory. Especially we would like to know the person and appreciate the information from her/him:

  • Who on the 17th of September 2002 (between 8.00-9.00 am)
    gave Kamil a lift to the Marymount College, where He ate his breakfast and used the school computer
  • The person who on the 17th of September 2002 (between 9.30-10.15 am)
    gave Kamil a lift from the campus to the beach at Inspiration Point here He took his breakfast and school backpack.
  • We would like to contact the person who tried to call Kamil's father in Poland from the student campus on 011488317312 twice: at 12.02 and 12.09 pm on the 17th of September 2002.
Thanks and God Bless you.
Kamil's parents and Brother

contact with family: szybinski@post.pl

Klick!Dear Friends,
I'm sure that you understand the pain and suffering of my family after the tragic loss of our beloved son Kamil and the decision to suspend for time being the update of this Web site. We believe that Kamil, who traveled to seven continents, is now on a voyage to the countless number of galaxies and we eagerly await reports from him.
Today you can view photos from Kamil's college and surrounding areas. You are very warmly invited to visit them and please do not forget to send us yours materials. I would like to extend our deep appreciation and express the words of thank to all the good will people, who helped us during the hard times in far away
Click on a picture!

In particular I would like to thank:

  • Mr. Krzysztof Kasprzyk, the Polish General Consul in Los Angeles and all the
    employees of the Consulate of Polish Republic
  • The employees of the Polish Airlines LOT
  • The employees of the American Airlines
  • The employees of Marymount College, Kris Lee and other friends of Kamil from
    Marymount College
  • Marianowi Kazimierczuk from Dayton
  • Disnardzie, Mariuszowi and Saszy Sosnowskim from Beverly Hils
  • Andrew and Ewa Boguckis, Maryla and Marta Gżegżółka, Bolesław Wydzga and
    Elżbieta, Andrzej and Sebastian Olszewscy, Bożena Jarnot, Ewa Rojek and all
    the others.

Thank and God Bless!

Kamil's website:

backup links:

The details of Kamil's mourning ceremonies will be known soon.
Thank you, please pray
Elżbieta, Krzysztof and all hurt by this tragedy


Kliknij !

Dear Friends
It's very hard for us to share with you this painful message. On the 17th of September 2002 Kamil Szybiński, while studying in the US, passed away in tragic circumstances. One of the co-authors of our website and my son. He was only 19. An excellent linguist, profficient in three languages, a great traveller, who visited seven continents. His life passion was high-performance roller-skating. After finishing Uni, he wanted to work for the benefit of the international community. Life's unfair destiny broke his strike of successes.
Please pray for him.
Beloved son of the Szybiński family, fondly remembered by Piotr Jurczuk, Paweł Py¶ and friends.

To see who he was and what he wanted to be like, pleae visit Kamil's website:

Ps. Our website also contains photos from Kamil's trip to the Hawaii Islands -
Please click!

Maciej Kot: first anniversary 11-september-2002

Klick !If it were possible to go back 365 days, then surely most people in the world, and most of all the Americans, would erase this day from our history. What we are mentioning is of course the 11th of September 2001. How does New York look like, in the first anniversary of this tragedy? Time heals wounds and the proof of what happened can be seen by looking at the immense, rectangular deepening in the terrain, called Ground Zero. I am not sure how the New Yorkers see this, but I really miss the two Big Twins. Without them the town seems empty, and similar to other cities, who's downtowns are filled with skyscrapers. But knowing the fortitude of the residents, it will soon be filled with another, more incredible structure. This will prove to everyone that the terrorist attack, which had taken place here, will bring an opposite effect to what were thinking the people of Bin Laden.

I invite everyone to the gallery, where I continue my correspondence, supplemented with archived and actual photos of New York. Click on a picture!

We suggest you also visit these sites:

The author of today's correspondence specialized in the issue of the east coast of the USA and South America is our guest in our gallery of TRAVELERS.
Thanking him for the report, we ask for more information on more successes.

The first anniversary of www.dookolaswiata.pl 1-september-2002

Klick !Dear Net-fans!
Holidays, holidays and they've already passed. As we informed you before, we were supposed to visit Brunei Darussalam, but because of some troubles we didn't manade to do so. Soon we'll tell you about our peripeteias. Anyway, I believe that due to the fantastic weather in Poland many have abonded their plans to go abroad and have been travelling in our beautiful country. We invite you to tell us about your domestic travels on our website. A year of our presence in the internet has already passed. We're happy that we're being watched in 88 cities of Poland and in 42 countries around the world. We're also very pleased that you decided to write to us more and more often. We would like to thank all of those who sent us their materials. We have prepared some new updates for our website, such as the Traveller's Gallery, to which we invite anyone of you. For more detail please visit the 'About Us' section. Our continent maps have been changed so that when you want to visit a specific city, not only may you find information about it, but also you may even see its parts live through a special video camera installed in a particular region of that city. Soon you'll be even able to see Warsaw on www.dookolaswiata.pl. While viewing our website why not listen to music? We encourage you to do so, you may listen to MUZ 1 - an interesting radio station from Gdańsk or to Flash Radio - a radio station from London. We would also like to remind you that our cards of countries have already 200 entries and you are able to listen to many different types of music from all over the world. You are also able to see Kamil's film - "The 7 Continents", about his travels. Soon, in the Guest Book, it will be possible not only to make a comment, but also locate a photo of yourself. Paul who spent his holidays in Australia has also prepared a few suprises for you. To find out more about our updates please visit the 'About us' part. We cont on your opinions.
We would also like to invite you to visit our special new gallery, that presents our most interesting photos ever presented.
Click on a photo!

With hope that you will contribute to our website, we wish you a successful 2002/2003

Visit us, it's really worth it.

--KrisS, Rasta, Kameo i Paweł.
Cambodia 20-july-2002

Klick !Ancient Khmer country that has an incredible culture, went into conlfict in the twentieth century which ended with a manslauter of millons habitants of this country. This is why for a long period of time it was not possible to travel there. We've received photos, that we would like to share with you. Introduce yourselves with the enclosed information from Peter and with our recommended web-sites about this country.
Click on a photo!

We recommend these interesting websites:

Awaiting future correspondance.
By train to Kenya 17-june-2002

Kliknij !Today we'll move from Europe to Africa. We would like to invite you to a travel by train through Kenya, that lies in the East Africa, by the Indian Ocean. Please check out not only our gallery which presents photos from Kenya's capital city Nairobi, but also our basic information base about Kenya. Click on a photo!
We also recommend these interesting websites about Kenya.
Click on a photo!


We also recommend these interesting websites about Kenya:

Sorrento and the Pompey - the 7 day 14-june-2002

Kliknij !We're continuing our Crete 2002 tour. We travel from Capri to Sorrento by sea. Slowly we reach the steep coast, on which are situated many small houses, just like cuckoo nests - an amazing sight. You can find a more detailed description in Maciek's memories, from before yesterday. The next we go to the Pompey. This is where on the 24th of August b.c. Vesuvio erupted covering the district in dust and lava. The eruption surprised over three thousand citizens, who were buried by six metres of volcanic lava and dust. Only in XVIII century was this site recovered, allowing us to understand the tremendousness of misery. Please visit our gallery that presents parts of the uncovered buildings. The photos from Sorrento are being prepared by Maciek. Click on a photo!

We recommend these interesting websites:

Have a great weekend!
Capri and Naples 12-june-2002

Kliknij !We return to path of our voyage.
"The night on the cruiser from Cagliari to Naples was very calm. KrisS went to sleep, I met cool people: a guy from Sardinia and two from Naples. They were very sociable, after a bit one of them opened a bottle of Canonau...". To find out more.
Click on a photo!

We also recommend these interesting websites:

The info about getting there was placed in the last material about Sardinia.

Tunisia 10-june-2002

Tunezja - Kliknij !We had in plans to present today photos from Portugal courtesy of Ewa. Unfortunately, not because of our fault these plans have slightly changed. Not everything is lost and instead of showing you the beauty of Portugal we would like to present these photos of Tunisia, that lies in Northern Africa. Except for these photos you can find the basic info about Tunisia, including it's flag, map and national hymn, which you can hear on-line. Click on a photo!. Click on a photo!

We also recommend these interesting websites about Tunisia:

We're working on the possibility of listening to music from different countries. A short piece can be heard in the Brazil section. Please visit it!

Tomorrow our countries base will be enriched with another 50 countries, mainly from the Middle East and Europe.

Sardinia, the fifth day 7-june-2002

Sardynia - Kliknij !Cagliari is another stop during our travel. Sardinia welcomed us with great weather. It was cool. I'd like to invite you to Maciek's and Piotrek's info cards about this island. I'd like to propose a voyage on the Warsaw-Sicily-Sardinia-Corsica route. With a bus fare equal to 402 PLN to Naples and back on can travel on this route for two weeks for about 1700 PLP. From here you can go to Capri. Sorrento, the Pompey and hike up the Vezuvio volcano. Just a reminder: to special sea fares are about 25 EURO. We would like to recommend the Panaceum company from Kielce, which has regular bus connections with Naples three times in a week. Departures are possible from many large cities in Poland. The total time of the travel, which is enriched by beautiful views is about 30 hours. Please call: 0-41 368-48-44 or 0-22 828-61-19. Please visit the gallery with photos from Sardinia. Click on a photo!

We also recomend these interesting websites about Sardinia:

Next week: Portugal (Monday), Naples and Capri (Wednesday), Sorrento and the Pompey (Friday).

Sicily, the fourth day 5-june-2002

Sycylia - Kliknij !We are forced to travel by air. The not so well known, but cheap, airline Alpieagles offers a two-way flight to Naples for EURO. In the evening we get onboard a cruiser and we're on our way to Sicily. At dawn we reach Palermo. We're in a place that is easily associated with the mafia. By renting a car we want to visit as much as possible. After travelling over 700 kms, we are sure of one thing - we're in a country of kind and friendly people. The exude even soothing peace and calmness. Maybe we were well treated because we didn't get in anyone's way or something? Maciek tells more about these wonderful people in his memories. Please visit the gallery!. Click on a photo!

We also recommend these interesting websites about Sicily:

The Iberoamerican culture festival 4-june-2002

We were informed by the head of the Candela Association that between the 22nd and the 30th of June the Iberoamerican culture festival will take place. Samba, flamenco, tango, the coffee and chocolate feast are only some of the festival's attractions. The feast will begin in the courtyard of the Warsaw University, taking it's participants into the world of colours, tastes and aromas of the Latin America. The delights of the exotic kitchen will be served with the southern rhythms accompaniment in the background. The week will be full of diverse shows, dance classes, night feasts, literature meetings and exhibitions.

Full information can be found on the website:

Ewa and her travel to Peru in 2000 3-june-2002

Peru - Kliknij !We interrupting our Crete 2002 presentation, to show you some materials courtesy of Ewa Graczyk, a dependable guest on our website. Peru, a country constantly surrounded by mysteries is definitely worth seeing. Because www.dookolaswiata.pl only saw the capital Lima, we welcomed Ewa's materials with great happiness. Please notice the prepared country card on the main page. There are already 100 of them. Some of them have got local music, just like the Peru card. Please listen to them. We impatiently await your comments about our latest updates. Please visit Ewa's gallery and read her travel memories. Click on a photo!. Click on a photo!

We also recommend these interesting websites about Peru:

Also please visit, the third part of the Crete 2002 voyage - click!

Athens, the third day of the expedition 31-may-2002

Akropol (Grecja) - Kliknij !Time quickly flies when you're travelling. Especially when you're asleep. We've already reached the famous Pireus, Athens isn't far away. Today we were sightseeing the Acropolis ruins, they're worth seeing. In the attached travel chronicle Maciek wrote a more detailed account of our travel. I'd like to propose to you visiting the second tourist route in this region. Firstly we got a last minute package to Crete for just 1 100 PLN. After sightseeing the island we went to the Rhode island. The ferry ticket cost 21 EURO. One has to remember that the ferry travels only once a week. The sea voyage is very beautiful - it takes one whole day. The boat stops at a few islands. The ferry has air-conditioning. I recommend taking a sun-block because the non-stop shifting from the hot outside into the cool indoors can not only cause a flue but also a change a skin colour. After visiting the spectacular Rhode island we went by a night cruise to Athens. It runs once a day. The time of the whole voyage is 15 hours and costs 25 EURO. After sightseeing the Pireus harbour and Athens we took another night cruise, this time to Iraklion, Crete. Altogether, for about 1 700 PLN you can visit everything. We invite you to the gallery with Acropolis and to Maciek's memories. Click on a photo!

We recommend these interesting websites about Athens and Pireus:

We invite you to the next part of our Mediterranean accounts (this time Sardinia) on the 5th of June With best regards.
Archive - Click!