Ivory Coast, Wybrzeże Kości Słoniowej, Côte d'Ivoire, Republika Wybrzeża Kości Słoniowej, République de Côte d’Ivoire
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Close ties to France since independence in 1960, the development of cocoa production for export, and foreign investment made Cote d'Ivoire one of the most prosperous of the tropical African states. Falling cocoa prices and political turmoil, however, sparked an economic downturn in 1999 and 2000. On 25 December 1999, a military coup - the first ever in Cote d'Ivoire's history - overthrew the government led by President Henri Konan BEDIE. Presidential and legislative elections held in October and December 2000 provoked violence due to the exclusion of opposition leader Alassane OUATTARA. In October 2000, Laurent GBAGBO replaced junta leader Robert GUEI as president, ending 10 months of military rule.

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1. Dependency status: NA

2. Government type: republic; multiparty presidential regime established 1960

3. Location: Western Africa, bordering the North Atlantic Ocean, between Ghana and Liberia

4. Border Countries: Burkina Faso 584 km, Ghana 668 km, Guinea 610 km, Liberia 716 km, Mali 532 km

5. Climate: tropical along coast, semiarid in far north; three seasons - warm and dry (November to March), hot and dry (March to May), hot and wet (June to October)

6. Terrain: mostly flat to undulating plains; mountains in northwest

7. Area: 322,460 km2

8. Capital: Yamoussoukro; note - although Yamoussoukro has been the official capital since 1983, Abidjan remains the administrative center; the US, like other countries, maintains its Embassy in Abidjan

9. Administrative divisions: 50 departments (departements, singular - departement); Abengourou, Abidjan, Aboisso, Adzope, Agboville, Agnibilekrou, Bangolo, Beoumi, Biankouma, Bondoukou, Bongouanou, Bouafle, Bouake, Bouna, Boundiali, Dabakala, Daloa, Danane, Daoukro, Dimbokro, Divo, Duekoue, Ferkessedougou, Gagnoa, Grand-Lahou, Guiglo, Issia, Katiola, Korhogo, Lakota, Man, Mankono, Mbahiakro, Odienne, Oume, Sakassou, San-Pedro, Sassandra, Seguela, Sinfra, Soubre, Tabou, Tanda, Tingrela, Tiassale, Touba, Toumodi, Vavoua, Yamoussoukro, Zuenoula

10. Population: 16,393,221 (July 2001 est.)

11. Languages: French (official), 60 native dialects with Dioula the most widely spoken

12. Religions: Christian 34%, Muslim 27%, no religion 21%, animist 15%, other 3% (1998) note: the majority of foreigners (migratory workers) are Muslim (70%) and Christian (20%)

13. Currency: Communaute Financiere Africaine franc (XOF); note - responsible authority is the Central Bank of the West African States

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  • Ambasada Republiki Wybrzeża Kości Słoniowej
    Königstrasse 93
    D-53115 Bonn
    tel. (0-049 228) 212098, 212099
    fax 217313
  • Wydział Ekonomiczny
    tel. (0-049 228) 267267
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