Cameroon, Kamerun, Cameroun, Republika Kamerunu, République du Cameroun, Republic of Cameroon
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The former French Cameroon and part of British Cameroon merged in 1961 to form the present country. Cameroon has generally enjoyed stability, which has permitted the development of agriculture, roads, and railways, as well as a petroleum industry. Despite movement toward democratic reform, political power remains firmly in the hands of an ethnic oligarchy.

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1. Dependency status: NA

2. Government type: unitary republic; multiparty presidential regime (opposition parties legalized in 1990)

3. Location: Western Africa, bordering the Bight of Biafra, between Equatorial Guinea and Nigeria

4. Border Countries: Central African Republic 797 km, Chad 1,094 km, Republic of the Congo 523 km, Equatorial Guinea 189 km, Gabon 298 km, Nigeria 1,690 km

5. Climate: varies with terrain, from tropical along coast to semiarid and hot in north

6. Terrain: diverse, with coastal plain in southwest, dissected plateau in center, mountains in west, plains in north

7. Area: 475,440 km2

8. Capital: Yaounde

9. Administrative divisions: 10 provinces; Adamaoua, Centre, Est, Extreme-Nord, Littoral, Nord, Nord-Ouest, Ouest, Sud, Sud-Ouest

10. Population: 15,803,220

11. Languages: 24 major African language groups, English (official), French (official)

12. Religions: indigenous beliefs 40%, Christian 40%, Muslim 20%

13. Currency: Communaute Financiere Africaine franc (XAF); note - responsible authority is the Bank of the Central African States

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  • Ambasada Republiki Kamerunu
    Powarskaja 40
    121069 Moskwa
    tel. (0-07 095) 2906549, 2900063
    fax 2906116
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