Tunisia, Tunisja, Tunis, Republic of Tunisia, Republika Tunezyjska, Al-Jumhuriyyah at-Tunisiyyah
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Following independence from France in 1956, President Habib BOURGIUBA established a strict one-party state. He dominated the country for 31 years, repressing Islamic fundamentalism and establishing rights for women unmatched by any other Arab nation. In recent years, Tunisia has taken a moderate, non-aligned stance in its foreign relations. Domestically, it has sought to diffuse rising pressure for a more open political society.

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1. Dependency status: NA

2. Government type: republic

3. Location: Northern Africa, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, between Algeria and Libya

4. Border Countries: Algeria 965 km, Libya 459 km

5. Climate: temperate in north with mild, rainy winters and hot, dry summers; desert in south

6. Terrain: mountains in north; hot, dry central plain; semiarid south merges into the Sahara

7. Area: 163,610 km2

8. Capital: Tunis

9. Administrative divisions: 23 governorates; Ariana (Aryanah), Beja (Bajah), Ben Arous (Bin 'Arus), Bizerte (Banzart), El Kef (Al Kaf), Gabes (Qabis), Gafsa (Qafsah), Jendouba (Jundubah), Kairouan (Al Qayrawan), Kasserine (Al Qasrayn), Kebili (Qibili), Mahdia (Al Mahdiyah), Medenine (Madanin), Monastir (Al Munastir), Nabeul (Nabul), Sfax (Safaqis), Sidi Bou Zid (Sidi Bu Zayd), Siliana (Silyanah), Sousse (Susah), Tataouine (Tatawin), Tozeur (Tawzar), Tunis, Zaghouan (Zaghwan)

10. Population: 9,705,102 (July 2001 est.)

11. Languages: Tongan, English

12. Religions: Christian (Free Wesleyan Church claims over 30,000 adherents

13. Currency: Tunisian dinar (TND)

14. Original language tekst: NA

15. Time diference to GMT:

czas lokalny
Tunezja (GMT+1)

Greenwith (GMT)

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22. Airlines:

Tunisia has six international airports: Tunis, Djerba, Monastir, Sfax, Tabarka, Tozeur.
All major European airlines fly to Tunis and during the summer there are numerous charter flights, mostly to Djerba and Monastir. Tunis Air is the national carrier, Tun Inter and Tunisavia operate domestic air services.

  • LOT Polish Airlines (LO) - www.lot.com
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24. Tunisia office in Poland:

  • Embassy Republic of Tunisia
    ul. Myśliwiecka 14
    00-459 Warszawa
    tel. (022) 628-25-86, 628-63-30
    fax 621-62-95
    telex 812827 amtu pl
    e-mail: at.varsovie@it.com.pl
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