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Athens, the third day of the expedition 31-may-2002

Akropol (Grecja) - Kliknij !Time quickly flies when you're travelling. Especially when you're asleep. We've already reached the famous Pireus, Athens isn't far away. Today we were sightseeing the Acropolis ruins, they're worth seeing. In the attached travel chronicle Maciek wrote a more detailed account of our travel. I'd like to propose to you visiting the second tourist route in this region. Firstly we got a last minute package to Crete for just 1 100 PLN. After sightseeing the island we went to the Rhode island. The ferry ticket cost 21 EURO. One has to remember that the ferry travels only once a week. The sea voyage is very beautiful - it takes one whole day. The boat stops at a few islands. The ferry has air-conditioning. I recommend taking a sun-block because the non-stop shifting from the hot outside into the cool indoors can not only cause a flue but also a change a skin colour. After visiting the spectacular Rhode island we went by a night cruise to Athens. It runs once a day. The time of the whole voyage is 15 hours and costs 25 EURO. After sightseeing the Pireus harbour and Athens we took another night cruise, this time to Iraklion, Crete. Altogether, for about 1 700 PLN you can visit everything. We invite you to the gallery with Acropolis and to Maciek's memories. Click on a photo!

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We invite you to the next part of our Mediterranean accounts (this time Sardinia) on the 5th of June With best regards.
Nowy Jork, wci±ż ten sam 29-may-2002

Nowy JOrk - Kliknij !Time flies. Already eight months have passed since the 11th of September 2001. Unfortunately global terrorism is still a present-day problem. Some can adjust, but others are uneasy while they travel by air. Unfortunately this condition also reflects on tourism statistics, causing airfares to rise (because of increased security and insurance taxes). For now there are no signs that airfares will change. This situation is very like an improperly cured disease - it's at the worst phase when it's a chronic disease, or possibly when it takes us by surprise - infecting us when we don't know about it. In our gallery we would like to present some 'friendly' photos courtesy of our correspondent Elżbieta from New York. We believe that after looking at them, cause for reflection will not escape you. Click on a photo!

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Please visit our website on Friday to check out the next part of the Crete 2002 chronicle and on the 3rd of June when we'll be able to present our guest Ewa Graczyk's photos and regards from Peru.
With best wishes.

Wyprawa Kreta 2002 24-may-2002

Kliknij !We meet again by the computer screen. Recently (4-18th of May) we made a journey to the Mediterranean Sea to check out the conditions of travelling by ferry. We have returned with vivid memories of our voyage. Yet one must remember not only the splendours of the travel but also it's cost. For example the cost of travelling by ferry from Crete to Athens is 21 Euro. One can also buy a cabin for 38 Euro. Our trip itinerary was: Warsaw-Crete-Athens-Naples-Sicily-Sardinia-Naples-Capri-Sorento-the Pompey-Naples-Athens-Cyprus-Athens- the island of Rhodes-Crete-Warsaw. We don't recommend such a tempo for travelling, but time was on our back. We brought home 2000 photos and 15 hours of video recordings. Gradually we'll make these materials available to you. They'll be updated with the ferry schedules and current costs. Today we attach the first part of the Crete chronicle, written by Maciek. We await your suggestions about what sort of info interest you most from out trip. Our first gallery presents the first photos - a sort of forerunner of what you'll be able to see. At the same time we would like to underline the prime organization of the Big Blue company that prepared our flight on the route Warsaw-Iraklion-Warsaw. I invite you to the first gallery and first memories of Maciek. Every second day we'll present the next parts of our Mediterranean chronicle. Next Monday - Crete. Click on a photo!

Indonesia 22-may-2002

Indonezja - Kliknij !Indonesia is a country that lies in South East Asia, on an archipelago stretching from the Malay Peninsula to the border with Papua New Guinea. Indonesia comprises many different cultures and languages. The economy is based mainly on agriculture, but also on resources of raw materials. Travelling from Singapore to Indonesia is very cheap. Indonesia's flag is red and white. Photos Michał Stankiewicz. Click on a photo!

lease visit our gallery. We also recommend these interesting websites about Indonesia:

Morocco part II 20-may-2002

Maroko cz. II - Kliknij !Welcome again to mysterious Morocco. As promised we present another party of photos courtesy of Michal Stankiewicz. Instead of writing about this beautiful country I invite you to the gallery. Click on a photo!

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Thailand 17-may-2002

Tajlandia - Kliknij !Moving from the boiling-hot Africa we invite you to Asia, to the shore of the Andamanian Sea, to Thailand, formerly known as Siam. Thailand attracts many tourists because of its beauty (the exotic islands and beaches of the Malay Peninsula - Phuket, Samui) and culture (the Buddhist temples in Singapore). Unfortunately the expedition to Thailand is not cheap, so for those who can't go there we present the breath-taking photos courtesy of Michal Stankiewicz, who made his materials available to us for which we thank him very much. Click on a photo!

We recommend these interesting websites about Thailand:

Egypt 15-may-2002

Egipt - Kliknij !This is probably the most well-known country that we present in May. Egypt is mostly associated with pyramids and the Pharaohs, treasures and the secrets of ancient history, the filming of the Polish "Pharaoh" and last, but not least the river Nile. You can reach the river by first travelling to Cairo and then going by bus. Travelling by the Nile is especially interesting. Recently there has been some civil disturbance in Egypt, but not on a scale to prevent you from from visiting this fascinating country. Please visit our gallery. Click on a photo!

We also recommend these interesting websites about Egypt:

--KrisS i Rasta.
Morocco 13-may-2002

Maroko - Kliknij !I have just received these wonderful photos from Michal Stankiewicz, who travelled to this exotic country in November 2000. Morocco lies in northern Africa between Algeria and the Western Sahara. Morocco has access to the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Most of this country is mountainous and upland. It lies in the Mediterranean climate zone, which characteristics are hot summers and moist, mild winters. Morocco was under French control up until 1956. I present the first part of photos, the next part will be soon.
Click on a photo!

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A great forerunner 12-may-2002

I have just received a letter from KrisS and Maciek saying that they have already reached the middle of their travel in the Mediterranean region, that started on the 4th of May. For now they have been sightseeing in: Crete, Athens, Naples, Sicily, Sardinia, Capri, Sorrento, the Pompey. Till the 18th of May they're going to visit especially for you Cyprus, the island of Rhodes and the western part of Crete. They're very happy with the cheap ferry fares, that travel by night allowing to save on over-night stays. On the 23rd of May we'll start to present their travel chronicle, that will present their memories, day-by-day accounts of what they did and where they were. The chronicle will also present cheap fares for ferries and not well known airlines in the Mediterranean area. I invite you to check out our materials about KrisS' and Maciek's travel. Next week's schedule is following:

Ponadto, plan na przyszły tydzień przedstawia się następuj±co:

  • Monday - Morocco
  • Wednesday - Swaziland
  • Friday - Indonesia
Spain 10-may-2002

Well, well…Spain and its "Corridas". A country on an Iberian peninsula, bordering with France and Portugal. Around 150 million people speak Spanish all over world. Beautiful traditions with ages of history. Hot rhythms and rich lyrics of all songs. Too bad that to see the best of Spain you would need more than a year. Polish Airlines LOT maintains fixed connections with Madrid and Barcelona. From this point on you can use a cheap public transport. Visit out picture gallery for beautiful Spain. Click on a photo!

We recommend the following internet sites:

--KrisS with Team.
Monaco 8-may-2002

Monako - Kliknij !It is a small kingdom with its economy basing on tourism, casinos and mail-stamp emission. The current head of the country is prince Rainier the Third. Monte Carlo is not only an urban area but also a great tourist attraction and a health resort. It is a finishing point of a great Monte Carlo Race and the most famous radio station in Europe. The Monte Carlo Race which has an opinion of "Gathering of Stars", is a finishing point for teams startin from eight different cities in Europe. The best 60 teams qualifies for a final race on Monte Carlo streets. Please visit out Monte Carlo Race gallery. Click on a photo!

You also find there some links to other interesting sites:

--KrisS with Team.
Andora 6-may-2002

Andora - Kliknij ! In (Pyrenes) Mountains in south-eastern part of Europe, there is a small country - Andorra. It is a republic in which big part of the system is indirectly controlled by France and a Spanish church official from a town called Seo de Urgel. Beautiful location and a status of duty/tax free zone attracts a lot of turists from Europe. The easiest way to get there is through Barcelona and then with a rented car. Andorra shows at its best especially during the winter time when the whole country becomes one giant ski resort. Add to it a nice atmosphere and a friendly attitude of Catalonians and you have a perfect place to go to. Check out our picture gallery. Click on a photo!

We also recommend other interesting web sites:

--KrisS with Team.
The World Airlines 3-may-2002

A time of trial for our team has come. We're starting to publish current information which should be helpful in planning your travel. Please asses the manner of presentation and the contents of the information. We're impatiently awaiting for your comments and propositions. Also, we would like to assist with information about travelling by air - what sort of airline and route does it involve, how much does it cost, etc.
We would like to present the first chapter called : "What route should I choose to get to my destination?". When you have already decided where and when you want to go, we advise you to log on to the OAG Flight Guide Worldwide, where you can check out worldwide airline schedules. Soon enterprise will be available at:

For now to use OAG Flight Guide Worldwide please contact your nearest travel agency. Attention! This announcement is updated monthly.
We invite you to get acquainted these materials:

--KrisS with Team.
Icland 1-may-2002

Kliknij !We are very happy, because of two reasons: firstly, the 1st of May has finally come and secondly we were pleasantly surprised by Pauline Pilch, once already a guest of Dookoła ¦wiata. This time Pauline wrote about Iceland - the geologically young, volcanic island of fire and water, that lies in the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean, halfway between Europe and North America…
To find the report from Iceland and photos courtesy of Anne Sirocka and Pauline Pilch please visit the gallery. Click on a photo!

We also invite you to check out these interesting websites about Iceland:

Have a great long weekend, during which we'll present: "Airlines of the World" and photos from Andorra!
--KrisS with Team.
North Africa 30-april-2002

We have just added new entries of geographical entities that lie in North Africa to our data base, such as: Algeria, Djibouti, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania, Western Sahara, Sudan and Tunisia. Hopefully will soon be able to provide info about these countries. If you posses any materials, such as photos (don't let them lie covered in dust in a corner!) or written reports, about these entities, please share them with us. Hopefully together we will be able to let Our (Your) website to expand.

Please contact us:

We invite you to the Countries and Continents section!
--KrisS with Team.
Mysterious Zanzibar 27-april-2002

Klick !Zanzibar is a coral island in the Indian Ocean and is part of Tanzania. The island is well-known for its clove plantations and the production
of clove oil. Zanzibar was once a Portuguese colony, but later was ruled by the Oman sultans. In the XIXth century it was under the reign of the United Kingdom. Then it became the People's Republic of Zanzibar and Pemba, joined in 1964 with Tanganyika to create Tanzania. The island has huge tourist qualities. We recommend these websites, which may provide some more extensive information. We invite you to our gallery.
Please click on a photo!

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