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Easter and Easter Islands 29-march-2002

Easter, the most important and the oldest christian feast, celebratecd in memory of the Christs resurrection - primarily in the day of the Jew Passover, and from saturday in Nice (325)
with the first sunday after the premiere full moon
(in between the 21 of march and the 25 of april).
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The religious Easter begins with the Septembers
dawn "procesje"? and mess in Church knowned as resurrection jutrznia"?. In this daywe feast breakfest in a family circle, after having wished the best to eachother. We recommend an interesting web page:

Easter and Easter Islands - Click !The Easter islands were discovered by a dutch admiral, Jacob Roggeveen on an easter Sunday in 1722. It is probably one of the most lonely islands in the Pacific Ocean. Lying far awart from the
usual sailing roots, more than 4000 km west from Chile. The decendents of the Polinesian people named it Rapa Nui, meaning the great island.
The islands people invented their not yet ecoded writing. During the high times of their culture, which left after itself hundreds of misterious
statues, around 15 thousand individuals praised these monuments. The island was also an inspiration to one of Spilbergs great movies, "Rapa Nui". The movie showed the traditions of two seperate cultures, the "shorteard" and the "longeard". At present the island has a population of 2500 people. It is a place worth visiting, relaxing and thinging over about the history of mankind as a whole and it's diversity. In our gallery we present photographies taken ourselves from this misterious place.
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Happy Alleluja, delicious eggs and a wet Dyngus wish:

-KrisS, Rasta, Kameo oraz Paweł.
Postcards from Tashkent 26-march-2002

Postcards from Tashkent  - Click !Tashkent is the capital city of Uzbekistan. It is one of the oldest cities in this region, with an Arabic and Turkish background, established in the second century B.C. In 1865 it became part of the Russian Empire, (and after 1917 it was part of the Soviet Union (USSR)). It was seriously devastated by an enormous earthquake in 1966. After the break-up of the USSR, it remained the capital city of newlyindependent Uzbekistan. We present in our gallery postcards from Tashkent. We still receive such forms of greetings as postcards, either in the traditional post or via e-mail. Please click on a photo!


We invite You to our gallery and recomend these interesting websites about Tashkent:

Space tourism 23-march-2002

First a short notice. After six months of running our website in Polish, we have decided to start an English version, which will soon be accessible under the address: For the time being all You need to do to browse our website in English is to click on the British flag.

Space tourism - Click !Things move so fast that we had to add a twelfth tourist region - space. We have been receiving information about new developments in space tourism bringing it into general use. The first step has been taken. The Americans have recently spent an astronomical sum of 20 million USD to travel the earth's orbit! Until now the highest altitudes were achieved only in russian aircrafts. The first space tourism station is being built - in Tonga. The Russians have also been working on plans of a new space shuttle, that could bring the first tourists onto the earth's orbit. Even people in Poland are already queing for a space ride! We present in our first gallery info about these projects and in the second one photos. Please click on a photo!

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Washington by the Pacific Ocean 22-march-2002

Washington by the Pacific Ocean - Click !Washington is usually thought of as the capital of the United States of America, named after the great (American) president George Washington. Yet not everyone knows that Washington State, which lies by the Pacific Ocean in the north-west US, has huge tourist qualities. The State's population is 5 million, spread over a region geographically similar to Poland. Washington's beauty stems from its diversity of landscape and access to the Ocean. It's really worth visiting this marvellous State, any time of the year.
The capital of Washington state is Seattle. In Poland, Seattle is perhaps the best known American city after Washington DC because Boeing airplanes, used by PLL LOT, are produced there.
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Our gallery presents a selection of photos of this beautiful State.
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Have a great trip!

Warsaw -The Old Town 17-march-2002

Warszawa - Stare Miasto  - Kliknij !On a beautiful, sunny Saturday afternoon we strolled through Warsaw?s Old Town. After the crazy pace of internet traveling, we decided to admire some architecture that?s practically in
our (back yard). These medieval relics of our past, were nearly completely destroyed durring the Warsaw Uprising, in 1944. After reconstruction, Warsaw Old City was listed on the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) World Heritage list. We invite You to the gallery farewelling the winter of 2002.
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Have a nice walk!

Six months after NYC and Papua New Guinea 16-march-2002

Papua Nowa Gwinea - Kliknij !Today, on the 16th of September of 2001, five days after the attack on the WTC, we launch this internet site, for our pleasure and your convenience. - that's what we wrote in our news six months ago. As every day passes, we become convinced how hard handling such an enterprise is, which is why we highly respect producers of original and dynamic websites. If You know such headstrong individuals, please pass on their website addresses. Still, to achieve our goal (visiting 314 countries ? check out our index of Countries and Continents), a long road must be wandered. We have already been in 54 countries and You have visited our website 5200 times. We would like to thank You very much and encourage You to send us Your opinions.

Today in our gallery, we present photos from Papua New Guinea, courtesy of TV 1. They are a forecast of a wider study of this country, which might be completed by our friend from Sydney? Wojtek D±browski. We would like to encourage him to take part in our enterprise, since he knows the country so well, where he led anthropological surveys and brought help to the local inhabitants. Click on a photo!

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Paulina and Madagascar 14-march-2002

MAdagaskar - Kliknij !The photos from Madagascar are courtesy of my guest - Pauline Pilch, who also enclosed the story about this mysterious island and it's history surprisingly connected with Poland. Madagascar was divided into many small lands, in which two languages were spoken - Malgasca and French. The island was discovered by the Portuguese in the XVII century.In the next ages the French and British fought over it, with the first succeeding. In 1958 the Republic of Malgaska was proclaimed. With many thanks to Pauline, I'd like to invite you to the gallery and my links to websites about this interesting country. Please click on a photo!

Also I'd like to recomend interesting websites about this country:

Six months 11-march-2002

It has already been six months since the barbarian attack
on the WTC in New York. Three thousand lives have
been lost - tourists, employees in the WTC and rescurers.
No words can express the depth of this tragedy, nor about
those who have died here, nor of their families and of all
the civilised people of this planet. The first photograph in
the enclosed gallery says: NEW YORK BEGINS AT THE
WORLD TRADE CENTER. One may say that many travel
routes led through New York. And that's why today we
present galleries refering to the non-existant buildings of the WTC, hoping that such a tragedy will never happen again. The right to travel safely and freely should be respected everywhere. We envite you to Our Gallery, which contains also archival photos.
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Senegal 11-march-2002

Senegal - Kliknij !Senegal is a country in western Africa, by the Atlantic Ocean. It's capital is Dakar, great port in this part of the world. In the past Polish LOT planes used to visit it, bringing sailors for duty. In Senegal live many tribes: Wolof, Sever, Tekuler and Fulte - the inhabitants of once threeseperate countries: Tekur, Mali and Dzolof. These lands were faught for by the Portugese, Dutch, English and French. The influences of the last have remained till today. I envite You to the gallery of a well-known photographer Laurent Gerrer. Please click on a photo!

Also I'd like to recomend interesting websites on Senegal:

The millioners of LOT 10-march-2002

Milionerzy LOT  - Kliknij !The millioners of LOT would like to make a warning - the so called "hard landing" may always appear, which is why obeying safety procedures and instructions issued by the flight attendants during a flight are so important. Such behaviour makes travel much more safe. We envite You to the gallery, where You may recognise some people you have met while on-board PLL LOT airplanes. Please click on a photo!


We recomend an interesting website about PLL LOT:

Finlandia - Helsinki 6-march-2002

Finlandia - Helsinki - Kliknj !Kameo went to Helsinki last weekend. He brought a great deal of photos, some of which are being presented today. The Finnish capital has its own unique charm. Some say that Finland is made up only of Helsinki and a landscape that is totally different than the country's capital city.
Helsingfors was founded in 1550 by the king
Gustav Vasa. It became the capital in 1812. Its beautiful location at the Bay of Finland, surrounded by plenty of green areas and a
garden-city of Tapiola, ensure unforgettable memories for tourists. We invite you to the first photo gallery. Please click on a photo!

We also recommend interesting websites about Helsinki:

Brazil and the Amazonca 3-march-2002

Brazylia i jej Amazonka - Kliknij!The Amazon (Rio Amazonas) is a 6400 km long river in Southern America, which shouldn't be mistaken with the Greek goddes called Amazon, who lived near the Black Sea in an only-female
community. The length of the Amazon places it in second position in the world's longest rivers after the Nile. For some travelling along or through the dangerous and not-known to human parts of the
river would be a dream-come-true, yet onlysome parts are accesible for ocean cruisers. The Amazonca drainage-basin' s volume is approximately 7 mln km2. The pictures of thedrainage-basin and its inhabitants in our photo gallery are courtesy of TVP 1.

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Helikoptery XXI wieku 1-march-2002

With reference to our helicopter pictures (12.01.02), thanks to Popular Science we present a new generation of helicopters, which will enable short-distance flights. We would like to envite You to the Popular Science's website:

On one of the islands of the Tonga peninsula, as world media say, an American firm is building a space terminal for tourist flights into space. Check out these websites about Tonga:

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